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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  August 4, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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reason. take a look at this. each of these american swimmers, each winning gold. and winning them all in 13 minutes. did you see that phelps race? >> unbelievable. >> look at this. second-to-last. and then, the surge. >> and here comes phelps to the wall. >> and that, folks, is why he is number one. what a way to finish out his solo career. >> you know it's good when the announcers start to hyperventilate just a little bit. that's a good sporting event right there. phelps said he is retiring, which would make that his last solo race ever. if you were on the edge of your seat, if ron was on the edge of his seat, imagine his mother, debbie. not ron's mother. phelps' mother, debbie. this is her in the stands just seconds after he clinched the win. what an incredible run her son has had.
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4 olympic games, 21 medals, 17 golds, and 1 final race today. it's a relay race. it's his last ever, or so we're told. or as ron would say, allegedly. i don't know if i -- >> i'm not sure i believe it. >> i'm not sure i believe it, either. >> he says no. but his mom, debbie, wants him to go on to brazil, to the rio games. she still has it in her. nerves of steel for a mother. >> listen to your mother. listen to mom. >> on the other side of all that, katie ledecky, who won gold last night. she's only 15 years old. we'll have much more on this in just a moment. what a busy day for england's number one cheerleader, kate, the duchess of cambridge. she deserves a medal for wardrobe changes. ginger, what do you think? she went to several events, changing outfits each time, before timely catching up with her prince, william. let's get right to the action. "gma" is all over the london games.
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for the latest, let's go to our olympics desk in london and abc's jeffrey kofman. good morning, jeffrey. >> good morning, bianna, from olympic stadium. we keep hearing cheers from behind. it's so exciting. the u.s., now, as we noted, number one in the medal count, thanks to some incredible performances by person athletes. one in particular. you've already talked about him, michael phelps. that guy keeps collecting gold medals the way the rest of us mere mortals collect, i don't know, olympic souvenirs. >> here comes phelps to the wall. gets it done. >> reporter: michael phelps did it again last night. those impossibly long arms churning through the water in the 100-meter butterfly. it was a slow start. but the smile at the end says it all. another gold medal for the world's most decorated olympian. his third at these games. and now, a staggering 17 golds in his olympic career, which he says has come to an end. >> look at missy franklin. she's a body length ahead of the field. >> reporter: just five minutes before that, missy franklin blew
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away the competition in the pool in the 200-meter backstroke. getting her third gold, and setting a record. >> this has been the most incredible week. and i've never been happier. >> reporter: making it clear, that as phelps moves on, a new generation of american swimmers is already claiming its place on the podium. franklin is just 17. but she's almost an elder statesman, next to america's youngest olympian and youngest gold medalist. 15-year-old katie ledecky. eight minutes after phelps won his gold, she put in an amazing performance in the pool, winning a grueling 800-meter freestyle. >> it's really unbelievable right now. i just blew them away, i guess. >> reporter: let's say that again. she is just 15 years old. 15. i still can't get over that. a couple more notes. the u.s. women's soccer team on the way to holding on to its gold medal status. they have made it into the semifinals. and just moments ago, south african oscar pastorious made
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history in that stadium behind me. he is a double-amputee who runs on blades. and he qualified for the 400-meter semifinals tomorrow. it's day eight of these olympics. we're already halfway through. and so far, fingers crossed, it has been flawless. and for those of us who live here in london, the most incredible thing of all, the weather has cooperated. dan? >> flawless in so many ways. thank you, jeffrey. we appreciate it. let's get to the medal board now. one week in the competition. and the u.s. has just pulled ahead in overall medals. topping china, 43-42. russia has jumped into third place with 23 medals. one more note on china. generally, they do not do that well in the second half of the games when track and field starts. for a little bit of perspective, there's this -- between 1896 and 2008, we won 737 medals in track and field. china, only 15. as we said, michael phelps has one more race tonight, which opens up all sorts of questions
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about the end of the phelps era and who will replace him. let's get more, now, from our "gma" olympics contributor and yahoo! olympics analyst, summer sanders, herself a gold medalist. summer, good morning to you. >> good morning. i know. we're saying good-bye to phelps, as he arrived at the games with his phelps-like performance in that 100 butterfly, coming from behind. that's what we expect from him every, single race. >> with 21 medals, can we now say he's either the greatest olympic swimmer of all-time or perhaps the greatest olympian of all-time? >> yeah. we were saying he was the greatest olympian of all-time at 19. and i was calling him the greatest olympian of all-time when he won eight gold medals in one olympics games. it's just amazing. and then, you add to the four olympics over that tremendous career. and coming back every, single year, with that grueling training. i do think he's the greatest olympian of all-time.
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>> so, we're now entering, we hear, the post-phelps era. is there any chance that the conspiracy theorists might be right, that he will come back and follow his mother's advice and swim in the next olympics? >> i think that's so interesting that debbie phelps has asked her son -- or told her son he should come back for rio. i do think this is the end of an era. it's so difficult for an athlete to come back and continue the training every four years. it's amazing to see phelps winning gold medals when he said he sort of slacked off in his training over the past few years. so, that's sort of a reason for him to go and enjoy himself. i guess build a case big enough for what's probably going to be 22 medals at the end of these games. and enjoy being on that side of swimming. i don't think he'll separate himself from swimming. i think he still wants to be an ambassador for the sport. he wants to grow it. and he already has. >> if this is phelps on minimal training, i can only imagine
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what he would be like with more. >> isn't that amazing? >> summer, such a pleasure to have you this morning. we really appreciate it. and we'll talk to you, i'm sure, tomorrow. from swimming to the next phase of the olympics. track and field begins today. and history has already been made this morning, when oscar pastorious, the double-amputee south african dubbed the blade runner, qualified for the semifinals just hours ago. we just heard that from jeffrey kofman. for this and other athletes to watch, let's bring in world champion decathlete and gold medalist, dan o'brien, who is also a sports analyst at the summer games. good morning. thanks for joining us. >> good morning. my pleasure to be here. >> what a moment for oscar. it's been such a feat for him to even participate in these games. how is it going for him? >> you know, oscar's been making history for years. he became a very controversial athlete, just prior to these olympics, when michael johnson said, there's a paralympic games. that's where oscar should be running. not at these able-bodied games.
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he is well-known in the track and field community. and he's a hero and a legend for paralympic athletes. >> who are the american track and field stars to watch here? >> well, i think right away, the women's 100 meters has a chance to make history. carmelita jeter is going to be the favorite in that race. we've seen a little bit of le shawn merritt, not finishing his 100 meters. in the decathlon side, an event i know very well, ashton eaton has a chance to continue the u.s. dominance in the decathlon. women's sprinting, the decathlon. and look for young faces if the men's triple jump. will claye, christian taylor, could come away with medals there. it's all about the medal count with track and field, just like it is for team usa. >> we can't talk about track and field, without talking about the fastest man in the world, usain bolt from jamaica. what can we expect from him today? >> mystery shrouds usain bolt. he came into the village.
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he had a posse around him, an entourage, almost a security force. rumor has it that he's not 100%. but i don't think it matters. everybody will be watching him run. he's the biggest star at these games. the question is, can he run 100%? yohan blake is the best jamaican right now. i'm not sure the americans can contend with them. but if there is an american who can, i think it will be justin gatlin. he comes up with big performances when he needs them. >> we appreciate your time this morning. thanks so much for joining us. >> glad to be here. thanks. and in our next half hour, with her cute nickname and a megawatt smile as bright as her gold medals, is it any wonder that advertisers are falling all over themselves to get a piece of u.s. gymnast gabby douglas? the tens of millions she could make. that's coming up in the show. dan? >> all right, bianna. thank you. now, to a developing disaster back here at home. an out-of-control wildfire in oklahoma. another day of red-hot, bone-dry conditions. they are also dealing with
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evacuations and the possibility this could be a case of arson. meteorologist ginger zee is on the story. ginger, good morning to you again. >> good morning, everyone. there's more than a dozen fires now burning in oklahoma. but we are focusing in on just one. northeast of oklahoma city, where they have a long, grueling day ahead. oklahoma, up in flames. dozens of homes and buildings, including a day-care center, torched. throughout the night, an all-out battle to contain the fire, now spread out across 80-square miles. >> fire is slowing down, due to weather conditions. we do have numerous units and sources coming in to help us >> reporter: more than 100 people forced to leave their homes. >> i don't want to lose my home. you know? i don't want my neighbor to lose his house. >> reporter: helicopters dumped water on the blaze with the help of more than 30 fire departments. the biggest challenge?
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the record 113-degree heat. that, coupled with strong winds and grasslands already dried out from a brutal drought was a recipe for a fiery disaster. and all of this, authorities now believe, the results of an arsonist. investigators have reports of someone in a black ford pickup truck, tossing burning newspapers out their window. >> information that we have that this was intentionally set. we're going under that premise. we're trying to locate the vehicle. >> reporter: despite the approaching fire, some people stayed in their homes, resisting evacuation orders, in the hopes that weather conditions continue in their favor. >> i think we're going to be okay. my sister-in-law has houses all around her up in flames. if you ever get this close, it will sure open your eyes. >> today is far from perfection, weather-wise, when it comes to the fires. they'll have a pretty strong southwest wind ahead of that cold front. by the time the cold front passes, we'll get rid of 100 degrees and drop into the 90s tomorrow. that should help firefighters at least a little.
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we're watching tropical storms. and i say storms because there will likely be two by the end of today. ernesto is the closest. will it hit the u.s.? i'll have that information coming up in just a couple of moments. so, stick with us. dan and bianna? >> we'll get more from ginger in just a few minutes. thank you, ginger. let's check the overnight headlines. a lot going on. ron claiborne is here with that. >> i am here. good morning, everyone. we begin with evidence that syrian president bashar al assad's grip on power may be slipping with fighting intensifying in the nation's biggest city, aleppo. fighting f in fighting. appealing to russia for financial aid and supplies, such as oil. the united nations denounced syria's crackdown on the anti-government rebels there. the symbolic vote does not call that assad resign or call for new sanctions against syria. and president obama's campaign office in oakland, california, was vandalized last night. more than 100 occupy oakland protesters marching through downtown oakland, smashed a window at the office, leaving
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shattered glass all over the sidewalk. police say they also broke several car windows. and hundreds of people turned out for the latest round of the culture wars sponsored by the chick-fil-a restaurant chain. gay rights advocates staged a kiss-in on friday. snapping up photos of themselves kissing in front of the restaurant. this came a couple of days after people packed the fast-food chain showing support for the company's president anti-gay marriage stance. and finally, you probably remember the movie "snakes on a plane." how about bees on a plane? actually, the wing of a plane, not in the cabin. a swarm of thousands of bees gathered on the wing of a delta airlines plane, delaying its takeoff from pittsburgh airport. a beekeeper had to be called in to remove them. it's the fourth swarm removed from pittsburgh's airport this year. weird. very weird. preventing a plane from taking off because of bees. i don't get it. but it happened. >> made for nice photos. >> true story. this one's true. >> not allegedly.
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>> not allegedly. >> all right, ron. thank you. we're turning to politics now. "your voice, your vote." president obama and mitt romney hitting each other hard over the new jobs report. employers added 163,000 jobs in july. that's more than twice the job growth in the previous month. but the unemployment rate ticked up to 8.3%. and david kerley has the story from washington. david, not surprising that the two candidates are focusing on different numbers out of this report. >> reporter: absolutely. the question is, is that report good news or bad news. and it depends on if you're the democrat or the republican running for president. >> we continue to have 23 million americans out of work. >> reporter: mitt romney works knows his path to the white house is the economy. so, he spun the jobs report as bad news. >> another hammer blow to the struggling middle-class families of america. >> reporter: it's true, the unemployment rate went up. and it's been over 8% for more than three years. but for the president, the jobs report was good news because the private sector continues to add jobs.
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not enough. but -- >> that means that we've now created 4.5 million new jobs over the last 29 months. and 1.1 million new jobs so far this year. >> reporter: these job reports are so important, and there's only three more before the election, that both candidates stood before cameras at nearly the exact same time. but which message is sticking? the president claiming the numbers are growing slowly in the right direction, is pleading for patience. >> we haven't had to come back from an economic crisis this deep or this painful since the 1930s. >> reporter: but there's another statistic from the depression. no president has been re-elected with unemployment above 8%. so, romney keeps hammering. >> this is an extraordinary record of failure. the president's policies have not work because he thinks government makes america work. he's wrong. >> david, if things weren't heated enough, comments made earlier in the week from senator harry reid, saying someone from bain capital told him that
7:16 am
romney didn't pay taxes for ten years are still making waves. >> reporter: big waves. in fact, romney, basically, has had enough of that. yesterday, as he was talking about the jobs report, he called out harry reid and said, put up or shut up. who is your source? let me know. nothing from harry reid. but i have to tell you, bianna, democrats love this. mitt romney talking about his taxes instead of talking more about the jobs report and the economy. >> harry reid, always one to speak his mind. david, thank you. dan? this morning, the 911 calls that provide a terrifying glimpse into a public emergency involving a pair of escaped chimps. these animals may be cute. they may be our closest relatives. but they're unpredictable, ferocious, and seven-times as strong as a human. ron is back with more on this story. ron, good morning. >> good morning to you. very dramatic and terrifying. on the audiotapes, you can hear the fear in the voice of the people who called police after seeing, and in some cases being threatened by the two rampaging chimps in a residential neighborhood.
7:17 am
>> they're wandering down the street. they are dangerous. bring shotguns. i'm serious. they are wild animals. >> reporter: they were two, large, adults chimpanzees, terrorizing a las vegas neighborhood, for more than an hour. >> you said they're chimpanzees? >> yes. they're chimpanzees. >> reporter: police yesterday released the 911 calls from frantic onlookers, fearful for their lives. >> they're outside. they're in the front yard. they're in the front yard. will you please get somebody? >> reporter: the chimps, a male named buddy, and a female named c.j., had been local celebrities, appearing at local events, where people pay to hold and be photographed with them. on the morning of their spree, they battered their way out of the 800-square-foot compound that they shared behind a private home in northwest vegas. neighbors said one chimp reached for a woman's car handle. another banged on a police car. >> i know these animals are dangerous. >> reporter: eventually, the 150-pound male chimp was shot
7:18 am
and killed when he veered toward a crowd of onlookers, which included several children. the female was sedated and is in the process of being relocated to a chimp sanctuary in oregon. lawmakers are calling for new laws that would ban people from keeping most dangerous animals in their home. back to you. >> as we were discussing, they look so cute. but they really are very dangerous. >> seven-times as strong as a human. >> they had a permit to have the animals. >> ron, thank you. time for the weather, now. and back to ginger. hey, ginger. >> minneapolis, will likely break a record today, if they hit 80, which they should. it would be the 40th day in a row, the first time they have ever done that. it's been a very warm summer. and it's also been a stormy one. look at the video from yesterday in minneapolis. you have trees down. 55-mile-per-hour wind at the airport. torrential rains and all that lightning. that type of action and energy now slides to the southeast. and places like chicago today, st. louis, indianapolis, detroit
7:19 am
and kansas city, green bay included, all need to be on high alert. we're talking about dangerous and damaging winds with large hail possible, too. let's then move to the active tropics because we have tropical storm ernesto, which should become a tropical storm by the weekend. and across the yucatan. we'll be watching. some of the computer models take it into the gulf and eventually into texas. all eyes on that. also, a new tropical storm just developed. florence is right out there. we'll be watching that, too, as we go through the weekend and start of the week. we have so much here in the national high temperatures i want to really focus in on. dallas at 104. omaha, look at that. 80. obviously, there's cooler air right behind. and back into the northwest, a big story happening. their first little hint of summer. at least the hottest they've seen. and back into the far southwest, phoenix 108. l.a., 76. you have to be by
7:20 am
>> until this weekend, seattle and parts of the pacific northwest haven't had much in the way of summer. wait until you see how warm they are. that's coming up in my next weather. >> and oklahoma greats a break tomorrow. >> tomorrow. >> ginger, thank you. coming up here in the broadcast, the angry wife who says her husband tried to fake his own drowning in order to get away from her. she is now speaking out and not mincing words. plus, the flying squirrel soars. she just got her own cereal box.
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but what's next for gabby douglas? she could rake in millions in endorsements. how much? stay tuned. the number will shock you. and check this out. a computer programmer built a life-sized working replica of wall-e. remember him from the movie? >> yes. >> how did he do it? how does it work? keep it here. 8% every 10 years. wow. wow. but you can help fight muscle loss with exercise and ensure muscle health. i've got revigor. what's revigor? it's the amino acid metabolite, hmb to help rebuild muscle and strength naturally lost over time. [ female announcer ] ensure muscle health has revigor and protein to help protect, preserve, and promote muscle health. keeps you from getting soft. [ major nutrition ] ensure. nutrition in charge!
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♪ baby, you're a firework come on, let your colors burst ♪ there she is. america's new golden girl, gabby douglas. the gold she scored in london, priceless. but the endorsement deal she's now going to get, you can put a price on those ones. a big price. this morning, the millions that this 16-year-old daughter of a single mom is standing to make. good morning, america. i'm dan harris. >> i'm bianna golodryga. still in shock after looking at those photos. she literally is flying in the air. they wasted no time making that cereal box, too, for her. >> she is a marketer's dream.
7:29 am
>> she is a star. it is saturday, august 4th. say it isn't so. are jennifer lopez and casper smart on the rocks? they're on tour. but their relationship may have hit a sour note. i know. we're going to begin with a bizarre story involving a fake drowning, a speeding ticket and one very angry wife. a new york man disappeared last saturday, setting off a massive search, only to resurface days later in south carolina. and it turns out, he left quite a trail of evidence. abc's john schriffen is here to unravel the story. good morning, john. >> reporter: bianna, good morning. the woman whose husband may have faked his own death, held a press conference to reveal text messages, e-mails and bank statements from him, outlining an elaborate plot allegedly to embezzle money. it was all foiled thursday, when police in south carolina pulled him over for speeding. >> it's anger. it's sadness. it's the public that went out to try to save a man that was not there. >> reporter: evana roth is speaking out against her husband of 14 years, 47-year-old raymond roth, who, until days ago, she thought had been dead for a
7:30 am
week. it started last saturday, when roth's son reported him missing off this long island beach. after another but his shoes, keys, cell phone and wallet were found onshore, an intense search was launched. when he was nowhere to be found, evana said she planned a week planning his funeral. until she found these e-mails, in her stepson's account, detailing what she says is a plot between father and son to fake his death. >> it's unbelievable. it was a shock. went through e-mails and ended up finding that. >> reporter: according to her attorney, as far back as january, raymond roth began his plans to get away. plans which, evana now says, clearly didn't include her. >> he made a will on wednesday. he emptied out my account friday, saturday morning. even up to the time when supposedly, we think this poor
7:31 am
man is drowning in the water. >> reporter: in one potentially damning e-mails obtained by abc news, dated friday morning, the day before roth was reported missing, he writes, quote, there needs to be a way for me to find out how things are going. call me sunday night at 8:00 p.m. at the resort. that resort was here in orlando, florida, where he was reportedly staying to lay low. in other e-mail, roth gives scathing instructions about the couple's long island home, which is for sale. quote, do not allow that expletive to give the house away. he also implicates other relatives. telling jonathan, quote, you need to whisper in aunt jackie's ear about it. now evana says her husband has been calling and texting, trying to reconcile. she showed reporters one text message that read, quote, i just heard you have a press conference later. be nice. almost 15 years together.
7:32 am
and raymond roth was last seen yesterday, driving through his long island neighborhood. but didn't stop because of all of the media vehicles. he sent his wife a text message saying, quote, the place looks a little crowded. i just drove by. call me later. at this point, authorities have not decided on filing any criminal charges. but evana says, at this point, she does not want to be married anymore. >> the nerve to send her a text message, too? >> good luck with that reconciliation. john, we want to follow up in two months to see if they're back together. appreciate that. time to check the other headlines. >> anything is possible. >> that is true. >> good morning, everyone. in the news, bone-dry conditions are fueling a wildfire near oklahoma city that has already destroyed dozens of homes. authorities believe the fire, which has forced hundreds from their houses, was started by an arsonist. the university of colorado has launched an internal investigation into how it handled the movie theater shooting suspect, james holmes. the university has hired a former u.s. attorney to review its procedures. holmes dropped out of the school before allegedly going on the murderous rampage.
7:33 am
and two men are in critical condition after an explosion leveled their home in upstate new york. the men were doing plumbing work when the house blew up. it was believed to be caused, the explosion, by a natural gas leak. and finally, running back curtis martin leads the list of players inducted in the pro football hall of fame today. five other players, including former patriots quarterback, dan harris, will join them. time, now, for the weather with ginger zee. >> wait. what? >> i have to say, it has a ring. it has a ring. >> it has a ring to it. i have a harris jersey. >> the radar. >> yeah. >> let's start with weather. seattle is one of the places that has only made it to 83. really escaped without much summer until now. watch this heat wave. they're going to see their first 90 of the season. 89 today. portland in the 90s. spokane and boise going to make it into this bubble of heat. likely welcome there. not so much. they could say no more. in oklahoma city, tied an all-time record high of 113.
7:34 am
something they haven't done since the dust bowl. today, 110. and some excessive heat warnings that stretches up to st. louis. that cold front going to push through for parts of the great lakes. eventually the northeast. look at the numbers slipping into the 70s by tomorrow, in minneapolis. >> this weather report has been brought to you by famous footwear. and dan's career. >> this weather report has been brought to you by famous footwear. and dan's career. >> the brand he wears. when he wins the heisman. >> exactly. exactly. it was so promising and ended too soon. coming up here on "good morning america," giving new meaning to olympic gold. we're going to talk about somebody with athletic ability. gabby douglas, the girl with the million-dollar smile.
7:35 am
now, she stands to make millions in endorsements. how much? keep it here. >> we can't get enough of her. and kristen stewart, one of hollywood's hottest young actresses, not letting her relationship problems with robert pattinson slow her down. *á (in her head) nailed it. how'd you know mom? the styles they really really, really want for back to school are here. famous brands. famously easy. famous footwear. victory is yours.
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i literally cannot get enough of her smile. >> no. >> she is the 16-year-old, with the impossibly huge smile. the how-could-you-forget-it nickname. they call her the flying squirrel. and the moving backstory with a family that had some struggles. there she is, gabby douglas gracing the box of corn flakes. >> cecilia vega is on the story in london. she is incredible, cecilia. >> you guys said it. i can't get enough of this girl, either. she has the perfect story. she certainly has the look. and now, she definitely has the gold. all of that makes for the perfect commercial. she is the girl known as the flying squirrel. and with two gold medals to her
7:40 am
name, now gabby douglas is flying straight into some big-time endorsement deals. just hours after her big olympic win, the first announcement. little gabby on the cover of a corn flakes box. what's next for gabby? the sky's literally the limit. >> gabby douglas is perfect for family-oriented brands who are looking for someone that really portrays all of those classic, middle-america values. >> reporter: some say the golden girl could bring in up to $10 million in endorsements over the next few years. another olympic darling, michael phelps, collects an estimated $5 million to $7 million each year in endorsements. this smiling face could soon be the face of deals for shoes, make-up toothpaste, cars. cereal. perfume, even. >> what gabby has to think about, is building her legacy. what is her brand? what is she all about? >> reporter: when shannon miller and the magnificent seven took home the gold in 1996, the endorsement deals poured in. this time around, she says gabby
7:41 am
has everything the big brands are looking for. >> that infectious smile and the excitement and the joy. when you're trying to market a product, that's what you want. >> reporter: from the smile to the spunk, there's more reason for gabby to bring in big bucks. her historic win made her the first african-american woman to win a gold medal in the best all-around. and on top of it all, she's just 16 years old. she could easily come back and do it all over again in four more years. >> for gabby, it's less about the endorsement deal and the numbers she's signing and more about how many kids am i going to inspire? >> gabby's expected to be endorsing products that appeal to a younger, female demographic. she'll probably be hitting the talk show circuit in a matter of days. i'm going to go out on a limb and i vote gabby douglas for next season's "dancing with the
7:42 am
stars." >> for sure. i'm sold. i will buy anything gabby douglas sells. >> i thought you were going to nominate her for president. >> that, too. when she's a little older. >> she has 20 years. and coming up on "good morning america," is jenny from the block ready to kick her boyfriend to the curb? say it isn't so, dan. >> oh, no.
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all right. it's time for "pop news." we're always excited when our abc l.a. entertainment reporter and host of "on the red carpet" rachel smith, joins us in new york. good morning. >> thanks. good to be back, guys.
7:47 am
i miss that music. i miss "pop news." first up today, jennifer lopez' beau may soon become a ghost of the past. "people" magazine is reporting things between j. lo and her choreographer backup dancer, boyfriend casper smart may be cooling off. jenny from the block is becoming increasesly short-tempered when he is around. and this is following reports he visited an exotic massage parlor and peep show. >> that's not good. >> not quite. the two have been an item since november. but any breakup could be tricky because smart is currently on world tour with j. lo. >> there's a lesson there. >> there is a lesson there. well, the heartache continues. kristen stewart, she broke robert pattinson's heart by cheating on him. and now, she may have broken jennifer lawrence's heart by landed a part the "hunger games" star coveted. and stewart will play in "lie down in darkness," a drama about a family falling apart. interesting. lawrence has said she is obsessed with that part. good thing she will be busy with sequels for "the hunger games" and "x men."
7:48 am
a sequel brings a lovable disney pixar character to life. wall-e, the lead character in the academy award-winning animated feature was built from scratch. a robot builder in california spent more than 3,000 hours over 2 years to create a real-life version of the character. that's so cool. i love it. and he covered every detail down to the buy n large logo on the back of wall-e. no word yet on whether he's going to build wall-e's love interest. >> 3,000 hours. >> he doesn't have a full-time job? >> he will now. at pixar. >> who knows, right? we've seen plenty of picture-perfect moments in these olympics, capturing superhuman athletes on their quest for gold. like the shot of gymnast gabby douglas. or this one of u.s. swimmer, tyler clary. how does a gold medal winner get around in london? well, the subway, of course. or at least for fencer ruben limardo, who is riding the wave of his big win on the tube.
7:49 am
posing for pictures with passengers and teaching them venezuelan chants. he was taking home the first gold medal for his country in 44 years. >> you have to be careful where you wear a gold medal. >> venezuelan chants, you know. >> some people take that the wrong way. >> you have to mind the gap there, riding on the tube. >> he's having fun with it. it's awesome. what the olympics are about. >> can you put up another photo of gabby douglas, by the way. >> right. that girl is rocking it. >> rachel, good to have you on set. >> thank you. great to be here. and we'll be right back. david. we've got to cancel. i've got gas.
7:50 am
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in the break, we somehow got closer here. >> we don't like to be separated. >> no. that's how much we love each other here. thanks for watching abc news. we're always online at on yahoo! make sure to watch "world news" with david muir this evening. >> see you tomorrow. good morning, i'm terry mcsweeney. today is your chance to bid on items at the tsa confiscated at security checkpoints at california airports along with property the state doesn't need anymore. it includes hundreds of items
7:55 am
from furniture to computer monitors, electronics, automotive supplies and hundreds of items seized by the chp. it's being held at the warehouse north of sacramento. san jose's luxury casino is set to open next wednesday morning. casino matrix is located near san jose airport. they had delayed pushed things back. they plan a ceremony as hundreds of new workers begin their new job. they are required to close down the garden city card room that will occur simultaneously with the wednesday morning opening. >> lisa: good morning. this is vollmer peak. take a look at the clouds. you see the different layers and sun in between. we are looking at kind of an interesting day. live doppler shows all the cloud cover to the south of us there is instability in the form of
7:56 am
showers. maybe a thunderstorm. we have that overnight around san luis obispo. we have the possibility of moisture headed up to napa and lake county today. maybe a thunderstorm in the north bay mountains but partly cloudy. sierra, 11:00 tonight to 11:00 tomorrow morning. possibility of lightning there. just 57 today at the coast with plenty of clouds, limited clearing across the bay. we're talking about upper 60s in oakland today with low 80s inland. so day cooler than average.
7:57 am
7:58 am
>> terry: in the news this saturday morning, windows smashed in oakland surprise people. it was at the obama reelection headquarters. people that are looking for a new ride are being taken for a ride in the east bay. online car buying. >> good morning, i'm terry mcsweeney. let's start with a look at the forecast. here is lisa argen. >> lisa: here is the view from mount tam. it looks pretty with all the layering of clouds. for the first weekend of august it's going to be cooler than average. not only are our temperatures going to be in a narrow range.
7:59 am
limited sunshine because it's going to take some time for the clouds pull back. we have airport delays of 59 plintsd at sfo, temperatures toward the noon hour, just still in the 50s and 60s under partly sunny skies. partly cloudy in the afternoon with numbers in the low 80s in the valleys. 7:00 tonight, low clouds will move across the bay again and we're talking about thunderstorms, possibility in our north bay mountains. i'll tell you when we'll get back to normal. >> terry: right now the san jose police are at the scene of the 24th homicide of the year. early this morning the body of a man was found shot to death in east san jose near grospek hill park. the victim has not been identified. police say the motive behind the shooting remains under investigation. >> this morning, barack


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